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Used Shelving

Industrial Steel Shelving

Industrial steel shelving is most commonly used where products are loaded and picked by hand or for storage of small parts and components. Steel shelving is usually either “closed” or “open” style. Open style steel shelving is less costly and is supported by back and side sway braces, which allows for more accessibility. Closed style steel shelving adds more stability for heavier items while offering more protection. Used steel shelving is ideal for small parts storage, components, and general small product.

Wide-Span or Wire Shelving

Wide-span or wire shelving is another option for storing larger hand-picked items such as boxes. These systems offer great flexibility, as they are easily adjustable to meet changing demands. Think of this type of shelving; with cross beams supporting upright frames, and either plywood or wire deck as the actual shelving. Used wide-span shelving is ideal for record storage and other general purposes.

Used shelving comes in a variety of sizes, which allows for maximum storage density. Since most shelving is usually loaded by hand, narrow aisles can be incorporated into the storage design. Have a lot of vertical space? Incorporate a set of rolling stairs or even an order-picker and stack to the ceiling.

We carry a large variety of used shelving products in our New Jersey location including nut and bolt shelving, clip type shelving and wide-span shelving in a variety of sizes and capacities. Common used shelving brands include Tri-Boro Shelving, Lyon shelving, and Mecalux.

Closed Steel Shelving

Open Rivet Style Shelving

Open Steel Shelving

Wide-Span or Wire Shelving



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