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Mezzanines are a very economical way of adding additional floor space to your existing warehouse. Mezzanine space can be used for a variety of things, such as office space, shelving storage, production, etc. Mezzanines can also be shelving or rack supported, with storage space above and below and a catwalk down aisles.

Mezzanines are usually designed, engineered, and built to suit specific needs of the customer. They are installed in minimal time with little or no interruption to existing operations. Mezzanines are considered freestanding capital that can be relocated with the business, and has no impact on property taxes.

Mezzanine installation is quick and easy. Heavy-duty steel components designed specifically for mezzanines are used to create a strong and uniform structure.

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    First Access purchased our used pallet rack and other warehouse equipment when we downsized. Took down and transported all rack in one day and paid top dollar!
    Frank P., E.L.F. Cosmetics SaddleBrook, NJ
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