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How to Get Forklift License & Certification in New Jersey

A forklift certification is required by the Labor Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA) law to operate forklifts. If you want to join the heavy duty industry as a forklift driver, you will be asked to get a forklift license NJ before start working.

Having a certification ensures manufacturing businesses that you’re properly trained to operate forklifts without violating any safety concerns defined by OSHA. First Access Inc. provides comprehensive forklift certification and license training in New Jersey and New York city to help aspirants to become a certified forklift driver and get notable employment opportunities.

Here, we are sharing comprehensive information about our forklift certification training procedure to help aspirants to complete the training successfully, and get the forklift license NJ.

Join Forklift Training Course

Any on-site supervisor or employer usually conducts forklift-training classes to educate operators about the different forklift parts, right way of driving and handling forklifts while adhering to the OSHA-defined safety measures. The instructor may show you some relevant videos for better understanding as well, and take a written test at the end to evaluate your learning.

Forklift Training Course Practical Examination

A post written exam, you need to appear in practical examination. The forklift trainer will evaluate your driving skills and learning by giving you different real-time situations.

Evaluation procedure

Your performance will be evaluated depending upon your performance in the written test and practical exam. If score well, you will be awarded with a certification card. Remember, a certification card is not a certification, instead, it indicates that you performed well during the examination, and have all required skills to become a certified forklift operator.

Get a Forklift Certification NJ

Now, you need to join our forklift certification & license program. We conduct training classes, written and practical test to evaluate candidate’s skills thoroughly. Once you score well in our evaluate procedure, you will be awarded with a Forklift license in New Jersey.



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